Internet Content locked in a silo

Years ago, I posted slides and white papers from many Visual FoxPro conferences, and I’ve been adding to this as time allows. Recently, I’ve noticed that a number of the older slides from the years 1997-2001 cannot by viewed from most browsers. Attempting to open the link here, [Edit:bad link fixed] for example results in an error message “This presentation contains content that your browser may not be able to show properly. This presentation was optimized for more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer… If you would like to proceed anyway, click here. ”

This “error” occurs in Safari 2.01, FireFox 1.06, and Camino 0.8. Opera 8.02 attempts to open the files, but ends up with a set of black-background frames with slide titles and broken graphic links but no content. IE6/Win opens and displays the content, with handy little widgets.

Looking under the hood, these are former PowerPoint presentations converted using a version of Microsoft Office. As time allows, I’ll reload the original presentations in and repost the slides in a format that all can use.


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