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Allchin announces future retirement, Microsoft re-orgs

Two related Computerworld News postsL Allchin says farewell in e-mail to co-workers. “On the same day it unveiled a major reorganization, Microsoft Corp. also announced that Jim Allchin, group vice president of platforms at the software company, would retire at the end of 2006.”

Analysis: Microsoft reorganization needed to end internal ‘turf wars’. “Microsoft Corp.’s decision to consolidate six divisions into three — each of them run by presidents who report to CEO Steve Ballmer — makes sense for the company, industry analysts said today.”

Re-orgs at Microsoft are a regular item, as they play musical chairs above the glass ceiling. Whether or not this will actually trickle down to mean anything to the average Microsoft line worker is something only time will tell.

“The new Platform Products & Services group will comprise the current Windows Client, Server and Tools division and the MSN online services division. The business group will consist of the current Microsoft Information Worker group, including Microsoft Office, and the Business Solutions group, which includes CRM and ERP applications. And the new entertainment division will oversee the development of entertainment and digital devices, such as IP television, Xbox and other consumer-oriented digital lifestyle products.”

So now there are three: OS, Apps and Toys. Sounds like the split the Justice Department suggested a long time ago. I wonder if this might give the Apps group incentive to deploy on different OSes. There’s still the unnatural combination of the Operating Systems with the Servers that run on them – Exchange, SQL Server, BizTalk, etc., when those should be business applications rather than operating system extensions.

My call: little will change. A few less executives to perk. A few kicked upstairs, a few kicked around, a few kicked out. Same-o, same-o.

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