Archive | September 5, 2005

Sun releases under LGPL

OSNews notes Goes LGPL. “On 2nd September 2005 Sun announced the retirement of the Sun Industry Standard Source License. As a consequence, no future Sun open-source project will use the SISSL. Projects currently using the SISSL under a dual-license scheme, such as, are dropping the SISSL and thus simplifying their license scheme as soon as the development cycle allows. Effectie with the announcement that Sun is retiring the SISSL, will in the future only be licensed under the LGPL (.pdf). A FAQ is also available.”

Kudos to Sun MicroSystems for dropping their license and making Open Source that much simpler.

United States of America: United We Stand

My brother spent the Labor Day weekend working with Boston-area hospitals to ensure there was complete coverage over the weekend while he was rounding up members of a FEMA medical assistance team. Joe and the team flew out yesterday to help establish a field hospital. Godspeed, ladies and gentleman. You make us all proud.

New Hampshire’s National Guard deploys for Katrina

Saturday morning, the announcements at the Hopkinton State Fair asked attendees to thank the New Hampshire National Guard members they might see scrambling about the fair grounds. Just after setting up a recruiting display for the weekend, they received their 36-hour notice to deploy to assist in the cleanup of Katrina. Five hundred troops flew out yesterday. Godspeed, guys and gals.

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