Archive | September 17, 2005

Farewall, MacWorld Boston, we hardly knew ye

OSNews notes IDG Pulls Plug on Macworld Boston. “Two years after the East Coast version of the Macworld Expo made a controversial move to Boston, IDG World Expo is pulling the plug on the event. IDG announced plans in October 2002 to move the show from New York to Boston, with Apple Computer immediately announcing that it would not join IDG in the move. With Apple gone, attendance dropped substantially, prompting a move this year to the smaller Hynes Convention Center.”

As I posted back in July, charging $15 to tour the Expo floor and let vendors try out their pitch on you is not going to boost attendance, either. Apple’s decision to not support IDG cut of its oxygen, but this doesn’t help, either. Less attendees means vendors won’t be inclined to pay the exorbitant costs of exhibiting. Less exhibitors means attendees pay more, driving them away. Death Spiral.

Note that CMP’s Software Development conference in Boston is doing something similar: “Unlimited access to two days (Sept 27-28, 2005) of the SD Best Practices Expo. Plus attend all Keynotes, Tech Sessions, the Expo floor party and selected special events (as noted online and in program guide)… Register online by Sept 22, 2005, 4:00pm for your complimentary Expo Pass. A fee of $50 will be charged after this date.” Fifty bucks! That will drive casual visitors away! Get those registrations in soon!

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