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Patching FireFox to avoid the international web link exploit

Slashdot post: Patch & Workaround for Firefox Flaw Available. mcc writes “Yesterday Slashdot reported on a Firefox vulnerability which could allow remote code execution. Today Firefox has a patch and a configuration workaround, both of which immunize against the bug. If you are using Firefox you should immediately go to the URL ‘about:config:’, type ‘network.enableIDN’ into the box, and verify that ‘network.enableIDN’ is set to ‘false’.”

Happy Software Freedom Day!

Software Freedom Day is September 10th. Check the link for an activity going on near you. If you’re in New Hampshire, swing by the Milford village green and say hi to the volunteers who’ve set up a booth there for the day. Anywhere in the world, you can check out the OpenCD offered by the Software Freedom Day folks. Inserted into a Windows machine, it offers quite a bit of information about Open Source software, including the text of several books, including “Free as in Freedom,” “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” and “Open Sources”. Also on the disk is a catalog of Open Source saoftware that runs in Windows, with the ability to install it right off the disk. Software includes 7-Zip, AbiWord, Audacity, Battle for Wesnoth, FireFox, Gaim, GIMP, Notepad2,, PDFCreator, Really Slick Screensavers, NVU, Sokoban, Thunderbird, and TuxPaint. Reboot with the disk in your CD-ROM and you’ll get to test-drive the LiveCD version of Ubuntu. It’s a great disk to pass along to friends considering Open Source, or just looking for some quality software.

The press is picking up on the event, too. Here’s an Infoworld article.

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