Archive | September 4, 2005

Microsoft chooses to buck the industry standard, again.

Slashdot post: Microsoft Lashes out at Massachusetts IT Decision. scoop writes “Infoweek is reporting that the plan to eliminate the use of Office by the Massachusetts state government (previously covered on Slashdot) has not gone over well with Microsoft. Microsoft’s Yates said the company agrees with the adoption of XML but does not agree that the solution to “public records management is to force a single, less functional document format on all state agencies.” Microsoft also states they will not support the OpenDocument format. Looks to me Microsoft is scared their biggest cash cow is in danger from a free alternative. Soon I’m sure we’ll see a Microsoft funded comparison between Office and OpenOffice.”

A FUD attack! After all this time, I am still surprised when Microsoft refuses to adopt an industry standard. I should know better, but I keep hoping the Microsoft will come around and start acting as an industry leader instead of a greedy monopoly. The OASIS open standard is a marvelous opportunity for Microsoft to shine and show off what it can do. It’s non-trivial, but certainly possible, for Microsoft to read and write this format and be the best office package in that format. Instead, they refuse to compete on a level plain. Let’s hope it is their loss. The only message Microsoft can understand is the one you deliver with your wallet. Support those who support the OASIS standard, and Microsoft will come around.

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