Patch Tuesday wasn’t patchless

Despite the fanfare that greeted Microsoft’s announcement that they had no patches ready to ship on their regular Tuesday, slipping due to a quality flaw again, Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley reports Microsoft Reissues Windows 2000 Rollup. “Microsoft on Tuesday reissued the Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Update Rollup that has been causing problems for myriad Windows 2000 customers for the past few months.”

UPDATE: More information. The “re-release,” named “Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 – v2” fixes four issues with the original Update Rollup One for Windows Two Thousand Service Pack Four:

  • Installation of the wrong MSXML3.DLL resulting in errors like “MSXML3.DLL File Not Found,” “Error 0x80244001,” and “Error 0x800700C1”
  • BSOD Stop 0x000001E on older non-PNP, ISA or MCA boards with SCSI controllers
  • Two system drives appear on systems with dynamic disks
  • MS Office programs can’t save to floppy disks (did you know MS Office uses its own fastfat.sys driver? Why?

Problems remain even with version 2 of the Update Rollup One for Windows Two Thousand Service Pack Four. Read this KnowledgeBase article before installing the patch/update/rollup/whatever if you have systems that:

  • connects to a Citrix server using ICA sessions
  • uses an Exchange 5.5 MTA and X.400
  • uses Sophos Anti-Virus
  • uses Internet Security Systems BlackICE products

If you have clients with any of these components and automatic updates turned on, you may need to act quickly. Good luck.

It’s the 38th week of 2005, and Microsoft has issued 43 security bulletins, not counting the multiple re-releases and “update rollup patches.” When should we be expecting Trustworthy Computing to kick in?

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