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Post dated 2003-01-07 17:18:45

Great article from the Washington Post yesterday on James Yorke, most recent winner of the Japan Prize, for his work on chaos theory. Chaos theory has fascinated me since I first saw Mandelbrot sets, and was reinforced reading James Gleick’s “Chaos.”

Post dated 2003-01-07 17:06:59

Great summary of the Steve show here and, of course, at the Apple site. New toys: a 17″ Powerbook, a 12″ Powerbook, a PowerPoint-Killer for $99, a ripping-fast native browser, new “iLife” branded i* tools, energy, excitement and enthusiasm. I think the faithful will be renewed. Best quotes of the keynote: At Apple, explains Jobs, we like “Innovation” – saw the slide several times – and “We like Open Source,” explaining the khtml origins of their new browser.

Post dated 2003-01-07 12:47:48

A picture named humanGnome.gifLouis Cipher wonders if Weblogs.Com will survive the blogging frenzy during the Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld in San Francisco at 9AM today. It did last year. But the network is bigger this year. I guess the answer is we’ll find out later today. [Scripting News]. Well, Steve’s spinning the values of the integrated digital world with iPhoto2, iMovie3, iTunes3 and iDVD. Impressive stuff. And the server seems to be holding up pretty well.

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