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SUV Owners and Terrorism. “I’ve come to admire Arianna Huffington for her passionately progressive politics. Once a tunnel-visioned right-winger, she opened her eyes to…” [Dan Gillmor’s eJournal] Dan has a legitimate complaint that the SUV terrorist connection is a weak one, but I love the commercials! First, they are a satire on the miserable “Moral Equivalent of War” (MEOW) commercials, and second, a take-off on what the auto industry is trying to sell us. The commercials win, on a number of levels. They make us talk about them – any PR is good PR, right? They make us think why what they are telling us isn’t right. Thinking is good. And finally, they do deliver the message that SUVs are bad. I love them.

Post dated 2003-01-15 19:08:38

Supreme Court Endorses Copyright Theft. That’s one way to look at the abysmal decision, announced this morning, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that… [Dan Gillmor’s eJournal]. Outrageous! So, the movie owners get to sit on rotting reels of movie film. Copyright is the right to make money from one’s work for a limited time. I’m no Constitutional scholar, but I can follow that. This is a travesty. If you haven’t signed up already, take a moment to visit the EFF or Digital Consumer web site and find out how you can be heard.

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