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Post dated 2003-01-09 11:52:35 views Apple’s endorsement of 802-11g as “There’s no “a” in Wi-Fi”. Nice shot. The 802-11a standard just got delivered too late. When I was searching for wireless stuff a year ago, the ‘a’ hardware was just coming on the market, while the ‘b’ hardware was a commodity. What did it have to sell? Speed. My internet connection’s only 1.5 mbps, the 11 Mbps of the cheap stuff is adequate. Yes, copying a grunch of stuff from one machine to the other should be done with a more bandwidth. So, when I need to do that, I whip out a CAT5 cable. Or go have lunch. Nothing in ‘a’ was compelling, so it fell by the wayside. 802-11g, otoh, promises backward compatibility and increased speed, win-win. My SOHO network at various times has had network legs of coax, 10 base-T and 100 base-T, whatever I could cobble together cheaply. 802-11g sounds like the winner to me, and Apple’s endorsement helps.

Post dated 2003-01-09 11:06:44

My bad. The new button’s on this machine’s 1.2.1 version of Mozilla as well. Now, I ought to go dig to see if the Save feature I want is in there somewhere, too…

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