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Older Blog Material Archived Here

Prior to posting my blogs via Radio, I used the Twiki software to blog on my site, where I’ve also got a knowledgebase of SourceSafe stuff and a business card-sized web site. I’ve moved the contents over to this server, for safe keeping and archive. There are some missing pictures and broken links, but the jist of the materials is there, and I’ll get around to updating it one of these days…

Titles and permalinks

Titles and permalinks are a neat feature of Radio, but it’s not completely clear how to do it. I wish the tutorials on using the product were a little more accessible, but The Answers Are Out There, I just need to go find them…

Post dated 2003-01-18 11:08:35

Doc Searls points out Larry Lessig’s New York Tome’s op-ed column, “Protecting Mickey Mouse at Art’s Expense” in Lessig is More and emphasizes a portion of the column where Lessig proposes a fee for extending a copyright, similar to the current patent system. That way, owners would be inclined to release items no longer earning their keep. Could this establish a new industry of copyrights for sale? Potentially a two-edged sword. But it could bring back these works in accessible form to our culture.

Post dated 2003-01-18 08:58:02

Judge orders Network Associates to revamp license agreement. The decision means the software developer can’t stop users from publishing product reviews or benchmark tests without the company’s permission. [Computerworld News] I wonder if this same ruling can be extended to Oracle and Microsoft and their prohibitions on publishing benchmarks…

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