Archive | January 16, 2003

Post dated 2003-01-16 13:45:31

SJ Mercury: Copyright ruling is a ripoff of consumers. Dan Gillmor. Sometimes I worry that people are oblivious to anything but immediate gratification. But I also sense that the public is beginning to grasp the scale of corruption that has led to incessant copyright extensions — and will see the risks in even more theft from what should belong to all of us. [Tomalak’s Realm]

Post dated 2003-01-16 08:43:52

Judge gives Microsoft 120 days to ship Java. “When Microsoft has the will to achieve, the achievement is great, and when it has the will to obstruct, the obstruction is complete,” says Judge. [InfoWorld: Top News] The best quote: “We’re not trying to be obstructionist, but it’s not in anyone’s interest for us to install some code in our operating system that doesn’t work,” Holley said. Gee, that’s never stopped them before…

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