Archive | January 28, 2003

802.11g update

Son Steve, who’s earning internship credits from NHTI working on connecting his dad’s company to the Internet, spent a couple hours this weekend swapping out the cable’s older LinkSys router to be used for the new DSL drop, and swapping in LinkSys’ new WRT64G 802.11g router/WAP combo box. After a few false starts, we were up and running: 3 wireless laptops, one wireless desktop, three wired boxes, port forwarding, 128-bit WEP, MAC filtering, and the whole nine yards. The WRT54G doesn’t have the ability to write out logs like the older BEFSR41 does, but I’m looking forward to testing out LinkLogger on the DSL line.

Red Hat ‘End of Life’ Decision Explained by Red Hat

With phrases like “it’s become clear that this one size fits all productization of open source technologies no longer addresses these markets effectively.” and “As we worked on Red Hat Linux 8.0 we realized that Red Hat Linux’s lifecycle no longer made much sense” I’m afraid this response from Jeremy Hogan of Red Hat may confuse and inflame rather than clarify. RH 7/x was a great leap forward, to coin a phrase, and 8.0 rocks – solid, simple, clean – but to assume from the last three data points that everyone is now going to abandon the Linux way and completely rev their machines each year is brain-dead.

Cringely: SBC Wants Your Money

Robert X. Cringely, the person not the trademark, reports that SBC is considering following up on a patent which claims to be the original concept of having a static element linked to dynamic content. Um, I suppose that isn’t explcitly what a hyperlink is, but I can’t believe there isn’t prior art…

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