Post dated 2003-01-08 18:31:54

Downloaded and installed the new Mozilla 1.3 Alpha browser today. A nice new feature: a little New button on the tab bar that lets you create a new tab without Ctrl-T or going to the menu. Tabbed browsing is the way to go. I love Opera’s MDI interface, as browsing the web is a multiple-focus thing: one link leads to three others leads to… a whole bunch of windows. Tabbed interfaces are a great way to keep it under control. However, I hope the Moz team will consider a way to save a set of tabs on demand – I’d love the ability to save a “research set” of links all at once. They have the feature on startup to load a set of pages, but Opera’ ability to “save a window set” still has them beat. I love innovation and competition in browsers for real features!!!

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