Archive | February 6, 2003

Visual FoxPro 8.0 Released to Manufacturing

Visual FoxPro 8.0 Released to Manufacturing. Here’s [bad link removed] the press release from Ken Levy, PM for Visual FoxPro. While it mainly reads like a standard Microsoft press release, no doubt created from boilerplate, there are a few clumsy and heavy-handed phrases where Ken obviously went off script. (psst, Ken: F7 will check spelling and grammar.) Ken’s no english major, so changes in tense and number often slip by.

“Microsoft currently has no plans to create a service pack” is really meant as good news: the message is that this release is *SOLID*, not that we shouldn’t expect support from Microsoft. (VFP developers tend to be a dour lot, always looking for the down side — I think it’s an effect of having been orphaned by various xBase products in the past.) How about “we’re confident that this version can be rolled out into production systems, and are not aware of any ‘showstopper’ bugs which would cause problems. Should those be found, Microsoft will respond promptly.” I dunno, the legal beagles probably wouldn’t let him say that, either.

Overall, this is good news, as VFP 8 really does contain some great updates. It’s certainly better than those products left behind at the 6.x and 7.x version…

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