Archive | February 18, 2003

I’m still annoyed about the foundation Microsoft built its evil empire upon.,

says Dave Farquhar, over at his site. Gee, I think he forgot Stacker. Other than that, he’s got just about every “Why I hate Microsoft” item on the list. Pretty well-written, too. For those of you who haven’t read the history before, this is a pretty good summary of the anti- side of the equation. I was also amused by his footer line, which read “Thank you for supporting standards, freedom, and competition by using a non-Microsoft browser. This site is dedicated to you and others like you.” Why, thanks, Dave.

And, just in case you missed Mark Odell’s comment:

The MSBC Superlist of Anti-Microsoft Web Sites
Microsoft’s Rise to Power
Why I hate Microsoft

Watching Microsoft Like a Hawk
Boycott Microsoft
Reasons to Avoid Microsoft
The Bad Faith of Microsoft
Microsoft Monopoly
He Who Controls the Bootloader

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