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Hey, is that WiFi File Server in your pocket?

Microsoft devotees speak out. The software giant is gleaning some of its best advice from the 1,300 consultants, dealers and enthusiasts the company honored this week in Redmond, Wash. By Joe Wilcox, Staff Writer, CNET It will be interesting to hear from bloggers like Robert Scoble later on this week on what they heard from the MVP Summit.

Hey, is that WiFi File Server in your pocket?

At our FoxPro retreat last weekend, I brought a spare laptop with Twiki installed for group collaboration. Geeks and Gurus supplied the WAP and 56k POTS dial-up router. Presto! Instant network. With this device, it looks like we can leave a lot of stuff at home… Sony’s Wi-Fi equipped pocket Web server: GadgetWatch identifies (and offers an English explanation of) a Wi-Fi-enabled portable fileserver! Nifty. 70,000 yen. Pointer from [80211b News]

Not Just Cold,…

… but really cold. The forecast for northern New Hampshire is thirty degrees below zero this evening. That’s Fahrenheit, mercury. None of this wimpy windchill stuff. Brrr!

Paul McNett has established a site at with the mission to “help Visual FoxPro developers evaulate and integrate various open source products into their solutions.” Looking forward to watching the site develop. Paul’s had a great deal of influence in getting some issues resolved with Wine so that it will run Visual FoxPro.

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