Archive | February 11, 2003

DSL Update

DSL was installed, up and running, in 45 minutes this morning, by MCT Telecom’s ace lineman, John. Steve and I confirmed it was working and set the DNS entries to update. I’ve moved the domain to the new DSL, but need to convert it to the new server. It’s currently running on a beater P-166, and needs to be updated. But it works! We installed the Win2K server, a Linux workstation and a WinXP workstation on the network, and have installed WallWatcher on the WinXP box to watch the packets hit the router. A few dozen tries, mainly at port 137, but a hit or two at 1434 (SQL Server) and others as well.

Poor ($40B) Microsoft getting picked on again

More Legal Pains for Microsoft. An industry lobbying group tries again to put the brakes on the software giant. [The Motley Fool] The best quote: “It must be nice to sit around filing complaints and impeding market processes all day long. CCIA exists for this very reason.” I guess we shouldn’t stand in the way of monopolies doing their bundling. There are no market processes impeding a monopoly, and certainly not one previously found guilty of improper business practices. Honestly!

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