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Steve Sawyer

Yet another FoxPro Wiki posting. I rewrote the RSS generator (up to version 0.2) to parse the text of the web page, de-HTML-ize it, and pass it to the news aggregators as a description. There’s still more to do, including a timestamp and author information, but progress continues. SteveSawyer. Steve Sawyer is a VisualFoxPro Developer, living in Metro Detroit, Michigan. He is currently a contributing editor for AdvisorPublications FoxProAdvisor, former editor of the monthly Tips column. He has recently completed (with JimBooth) EffectiveTechniques… from [FoxForum Wiki]

Learning Radio Userland

I followed Dave’s instructions for Going Crazy with Macros and I can see there is some real power in building up macros to customize your blog. The Radio Userland pages don’t seem to provide many more details, though. Is there a “Programming your Radio Userland Blog” page that I haven’t found yet?

Answering my own question, it looks like leading to are good places to start. Ok, back to reading and learning…

KBAlertz for Visual FoxPro

Got notice today from Dava Wanta of of new and changed KnowledgeBase articles about Visual FoxPro. Dave runs KBAlertz as a free service, sending email alerts when there are changes to articles you register. Check it out.

Visual FoxPro

Q299695 FIX: Error Message: “Ambiguous date/datetime constant” with View

Q236069 PRB: View Field Properties Window Defaults to First Field of View

Q164252 FIX: Receiving Error When Selecting 254th Item in List Box

Q155890 PRB: FoxPro for Mac’s Setup Wizard Can’t Copy Source Files

Q299799 FIX: Creating A Class with the Same Name as a Base Class Causes Error

Q221730 FIX: Enabled_Assign Fires Incorrectly for Container in Container

Q143248 FIX: Error: “Variable ‘TITLE’ is not found” as Start Tastrade

Q142313 FIX: Using RI Builder & Long Table Names Makes Triggers Fail

Q135563 FIX: One-to-Many Report Based on Two Views Causes Errors

Q299934 FIX: Database And Table Opened with NOUPDATE Still Allows Index To Be Created

Q167147 FIX: Invalid Page Fault Occurs After Replicate of Enter Key

Q157953 FIX: Print Button in Preview Does Not Respect the FOR Clause

Q168056 FIX: Mismatched pushjmp/popjmp Call Error and VFP Closes

Q150596 FIX: Error Message “Variable is Not Found” When Running Form

Q141354 FIX: Adding Description to Table’s Index in DBC Corrupts Table

Q141316 FIX: Report Is Wrong When You Relate Tables on Currency Field

Q134437 FIX: Report Wizard Preview Error If View Given as Child Table

Q129646 FIX: Error Routine Not Called for USE Command

Q299849 FIX: Failed TABLEUPDATE Places Record Pointer on Nonexistent Record

Q297826 FIX: CHRSAW() Function Can Cause System to Stop Responding When AutoYield = .F.

Q235119 PRB: No Version Info if COM DLL/EXE Is Built Under Windows Me/98/95

Q221738 FIX: Memory Leak With SET SYSMENU OFF

Q221721 FIX: Mismatched Pushjmp/Popjmp With DataToClip( ) On Big Table

Q221715 FIX: Class Browser HTML Export Code Gives Invalid HTML 3.2 Code

Q221703 FIX: Component Gallery Does Not Refresh After Changing Property

Q221693 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With This.Caption=This.Text In GotFocus

Q197193 FIX: Application Error in Locals Window with Specific Variables

Q163933 FIX: Executable Error ” is not an object file”

Q163037 FIX: Label Properties Cause Illegal Operation

Q162800 Genmenu5.exe Updated VFP 5.0 for Windows GENMENU Program

Q143247 FIX: Scrolling Edit Window Causes Incorrect Highlighting

Q131578 FIX: Math Problem with INT() Function

Q258532 FIX: Random Characters in Report Do Not Print Under Localized Windows

Q222112 FIX: Class Not Selected Opening Class Browser From Form Designer

Q221741 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error with Unknown Var in Include File

Q259371 BUG: ActiveX Controls Are Disabled

Q186368 FIX: GPF Issuing QUIT from a Form Run in the Form Designer

Q163669 FIX: Setup Wizard Does Not Use Default Directory Specified

Q114498 INFO: Transposing First Character w/ Last Character in a Field

Q299788 FIX: Setting SelStart = 0 in EditBox Causes Fatal Exception

Q271638 BUG: Report Preview Unreadable When Zoom Is Set at 75 Percent

Q158760 FIX: Setting Grid RowHeight to Large Number Affects Page Down

Q135384 FIX: Unbalanced Parentheses in IF Condition Not Seen by Parser

Q163029 FIX: Default Value Does Not Update Table in Local/Remote View

Q141528 FIX: Data Designer Validation Text Causes Invalid Page Fault

Q139183 BUG: View Not Accurate with One-to-Many Grandchild Relation

Q297803 FIX: Visual FoxPro Crashes When Two Instances of REPORT FORM PREVIEW Are Active

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