Running Linux via VNC via SSH on WinXP

Next step was to get access to the Linux box on the DSL from my WinXP laptop, and hopefully, secure access from the rest of the world. SSH is the right answer for that, and I set up PuTTY as my SSH client on the WinXP box. Connected in without a problem – pretty slick. The next step was to use VNC to connect graphically (as a newbie, a GUI is easier to fumble around in than a terminal). I’d already set up the VNC server on the Linux box when it was on the same LAN (there’s a bit of a glitch with RedHat 8.0 and Gnome with VNC, solved by a web search of ancient messages), but now I need a secure way to use it over the Internet (VNC does not encrypt its stream). The VNC site does include instructions for using SSH, but it’s not entirely clear how they translate to the PuTTY GUI. The Answers Are Out There. One Google search later, I find the answers at, the first of 2030 hits Google provides.

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