It’s Neither Simple nor Easy.

The Microsoft buzzwords are “Simple” and “Easy.” I don’t know how they do it, but every member of the sales collective seems to come out with the same phrases at the same time. Maybe it’s just corporate communication, but it feels more like… hivemind *shiver*. “Simple” and “Easy” came out of every sales flack’s mouth last month, over and over.

I’m just trying to read the documentation on Indexing Services. I tried the site but it’s giving a “Server error 500-013: Too Many Users. Internet Information Server” – nice that they plug their product as they show their inability to scale to enterprise heights.

Fine, I’ll install the Platform SDK on my local machine. No go. An error comes up in Mozilla stating that I have to have IE 5 or later. I do – this is a Win2KPro box with IE 5.5 on it. Ah, but it’s not the *default* browser, perhaps? Since Microsoft is telling us that IE is an integral part of the operating system, couldn’t they have the brains to invoke it directly instead of invoking the default browser they can’t use? Simple? No. Easy? No. Sloppy? Yup.

Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, File Types. Change HTM and HTML files to point to IE. Run the installer. Works fine. Change it back. What a pain. Simple and Easy. Sheesh.

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