Edward Tufte online

Ernie the Attorney posts: “Using Visual Information? Ask Edward Tufte. Alice W of a mad tea-party has a post entitled Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.  She refers to Edward Tufte (Professor Emeritus at Yale) as “the grand-daddy of using graphics to convey information correctly” and says “[i]t wasn’t until yesterday that I realized he had his very own website!” I didn’t realize that either.  Thanks for the notice.  I have three of Tufte’s books.  He is definitely worth reading if you care about using visuals and graphic information to communicate better.”

I, too, am a great fan of Tufte. I was just moving some things in the office yesterday, and came across a poster of Mindard’s great chart of Napoleon’s March on Russia. Must get that framed and hung in a place of honor.

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