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Steven Black: Hooks and Anchors Design Pattern

When Steven is on his game, there is no one better. An excellent article on a sophisticated object-oriented design pattern that really shows off the power of OOP and the power of Visual FoxPro to produce incredible solutions:

New article: The Hooks And Anchors Design Pattern. The Hooks and Anchors Design Pattern is an abstract controlling architecture for flexible configurable systems. All object-oriented VFP frameworks can be described as skeletal structures designed for extension. Over time, developers grow their root framework(s) into one or more applications, refining and extending (evolving) their toolset over an extended period of time. In the Hooks and Anchors design pattern, the hook is implemented with a hook object society, which is designed at the outset to fully encapsulate work of the hook method. The hook method, therefore, reduces to a hook operation that delegates program flow to the society of hook objects. The crux is this: since we’re talking about VFP here, the Hooks and Anchors society is, of course, natively engineered to be metadata-driven in both composition and execution. [FoxCentral.Net]


Imagine that! Microsoft adds RSS feeds for its Microsoft Developer Network. Only one development language noticably missing from the list: Visual FoxPro. Hope they address that one soon!

Got the link from Dan Gillmor who was linked to Dave Winer. Dave also mentions new RSS feeds from Cisco, Fast Company, and Apple. Why, if I wasn’t mistaken, I’d say we’re seeing a movement!

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