Archive | April 27, 2003

Weinberger on Social Software

Why social software now?. “A small brouhaha is brewhaha-ing over whether “social software” is mere hype. (See Frank Paynter, for example.) After all, the category is about as broad as “software for people” and includes technology as old as holding hands. And yet it’s the thing I came away from the O’Reilly Conference most excited about. First, I consider social software actually to be emergent social software. That narrows the field to software that enables groups to form and organize themselves. Yes, it’s still broad but at least it’s not coextensive with any software that has a user interface. Second, it doesn’t much matter…” Reposted from Joho the Blog

Kent Beck Keynote

Kent Beck of Three Rivers Instituteput on the keynote at Essential Fox at 8 AM this morning in Kansas City. Great stuff.

Machine A makes parts for Machine B. To increase the productivity/predictability of Machine B, cache an inventory of parts between them. Output/throughput of B increases as inventory increases. Quality control and predictability goes down as inventory delays delivery of parts from A to B.

First hour on the dynamics of process.

Second hour on how Extreme Programming addresses the issues:

  • Sit Together
  • Stories
  • Quarterly Plans
  • Weekly Plans
  • Customer Tests
  • Up-to-date Estimates
  • Pair programming
  • Refactoring
  • Sustainable Pace
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test-Driven Development

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