Archive | April 16, 2003

Craig Berntson’s CrysDev book almost done…

Craig writes that “CrysDev is another step closer today. I reviewed the galley sheets and sent my changes back. The book should be at the printer this week. What I have left to do is collect the sample code and package it up.”

Congratulations, Craig! More info here.

Jon Udell: The Semantic Blog

“I’ve long dreamed of using RSS to produce and consume XML content. We’re so close. RSS content is HTML, which is almost XHTML,… ” says Jon Udell: The Semantic Blog. via Scripting News

The joy of HTML is the simplicity of typing <b> for bold; the curse of HTML is that style and presentation is inseparable and almost indistinguishable from content. The medium is not the message, the content is. I know from writing a couple of screen-scraper HTML-to-RSS feeds, that the separation would be a Good Thing.

Jon’s description of feeding XML right into a database and mixing XML and SQL and XPath is pretty intriguing as well. Looking forward to having that access in my database program of choice.

Microsoft profits up, Intel down slightly

In a down economy, a $50 million increase in profits over the same quarter last year is not a bad thing. “Microsoft profits up, Intel down slightly. Microsoft beat earnings forecasts but warned of continued decline in corporate IT spending. Intel earnings were slightly down compared to the same period last year.” from Computerworld News

Microsoft’s press release is here for folks who love to crunch through the details.

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