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Microsoft Legal statement on the VFP EULA

A post on the GotDotNet web site, at

Visual FoxPro was designed and tested for use in creating
applications that run on the Microsoft Windows platform; the
same applies to the components that are provided to
developers for redistribution with Visual FoxPro-based
applications. If a developer wishes to distribute the Visual
FoxPro runtime with an application, the runtime may only
operate in conjunction with a Microsoft Windows platform. As
with any contract, you should seek your own legal counselâs
advice when interpreting your rights and obligations under
the Visual FoxPro End User License Agreement.

The URL has been posted at the Universal Thread with the following:

Ken Levy Posts VFP EULA Info April 26, 2003 11:26
From KenLevy: “I have been asked to post the following information on a few VFP community sites. I will not be commenting further on this issue. Thanks. Ken Levy, Visual FoxPro Product Manager, Microsoft”

Blogging Live From Essential FoxPro Keynote

Half the attendees were new this year, of 240 attendees.

VFP Road to Visual FoxPro 8.0

  • Base it on wish list customer feedbvack
  • Add new runtime features – end users
  • Enhance SQL Server connectivitity
  • Increase .NET interoperability
  • Maintain backward compatibility

Goals – Overview

  • Better smart / rich client (85% are desktop apps)
  • Improved Distributed client (XML .NET, SQL Server connectibity)
  • Improved Developer Productivity (new base classes, error handling)
  • Increase Discoverability (navigation, documentation) – Task Pane, ToolBox

New News Item: VFP 8.0 Localization –

  • VFP 8.0 Runtime Distribution Files
    German, Spanish, French, Russioan, Korean, Chinese
  • VFP 8.0 Development Version – English
  • This week: added the documentation to the Localization Kit.

Productivity Enhancement

  • – Taskpane
  • – Toolbox
  • – Empty Classs
  • – Add Property() an RemoveProperty()
  • – Collection Classs
  • – Structured Error Handling – TRY/CATCH/FINALLY
  • – Event Binding – BINDEVENT() and RAISEEVENT()

Productivity Enhancements

  • GetFile() dialog
  • Auto-increment
  • Table designer
  • View Designer
  • Child Member subclassing
  • VCX support for more classes
  • Many new features for Grid Control
  • Code References Tool

New Report Writer Features
Page x of Y (many more)


  • Beyond XMLtoCursor/CursorToXML
  • Hierarchical XML support
  • Multiple VFP data cursors to XML
  • XML to multuiple VFP data cursors
  • XML diffgrams
  • VFP data cursors, table, DBC
  • ADO.NET compatible
  • XMLTable and XML Field classes
  • Full control of XSDschema used
  • XML: The Universal Language

{Multi-language video showing Havier, and three other members of the development team explaining multiple data strategies in Russian, Hindu and Spanish – cute, but he had to explain it}

Cursor Adaptor Class

  • Similar to DataAdaptor in ADO.NET
    • -ADO/OLEDB
    • -ODBC
    • -Native VFP cursors
    • -XML and XML Web Services

  • Programmable events
  • Stored procedures control

New Data Features

  • DataEnvironement Subclassings
  • DataEnvironment Builder
  • CursorAdaptor Class
  • CursorAdaptor Builder
  • XMLAdaptor class
  • Form BindControls property
  • Enhanced VFP OLE DB Provider
  • VFP 8.0 and VS.NET interoperability

VFP 8.0 XML Web Services

  • WinForm
  • Phone
  • Pocket PC
  • Tablet PC

VFP 8.0 Performance
Loop of 10,000 instantiations of a custom object

in VFP 7.0: 24.5 seconds
in VFP 8.0: 0.45 seconds

Demo of FoxPro 8.0
– Toolbox

VFP 8.0 Features – laundry list of 14 bullet points in teeny fonts on features

VFP 8.0 and .NET

  • Works well with VS.NET
  • Greatly enhanced XML Support
  • XML Web service
  • VFP OLE DB Provider
  • ASP.NET web forms
  • .NET Windows forms
  • Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET
  • VFP and .net teams work together

VS .NET 2003 – released yesterday
(9 bullet points)

  • smart devices
  • web devices
  • .NET Framework 1.1
  • Deploying to Windows Server 2003
  • Easy migration from existing .NET Framework 1.0 appliacations
  • new managed data provides

Visual Studio Tools for Office
Extends .NET development to Office 2003
Developers using Visual Studeo 2003 can write code to run in Word and Excel

VFP Website – what’s new

  • Coming soon: New VFP 8.0 Evaluation Guide
  • Consistency with related product sites
  • Updated VFP OLE DB Provider
  • VFP 8.0 samples, slides and tutorials
  • New VFP 8.0 Whitepapers
  • Task Pane, Toolbox, TabletPC

Biggest news week on the MSDN site, with the VS.NET release, VFP 8.0 is the top headline

Demo: MSDN VFP web site, GotDotNet, VFoxPro, Community Site

Video: Eric Rudder video endorsement (

Ken met with Eric on Monday and talked about features for Europa

  • New feature list/preview
  • – Background compile in the current line
  • – Dockable User Forms
  • – Anchor properties for controls
  • – Word-Wrap for CheckBox captions
  • – Array limit large that 65K
  • – Command Button Picture Spacing/Position
  • – Intellisense available in memo fields
  • – SELECT: >9 Joins, Multiple Nested Queries
  • – More designer hooks for extensibility
  • – Significant enhancements to Report Writer!!! (Appluase)

Demo: Line-by-line compile,
Anchor Properties let forms size “naturally” as expected in a form. 16 options vertical and horizontal for each control, Checkbox caption wrapping

Summary and Call to Action

  • Great new features in VFP 8.0
  • VFP 8/.0 works great with SQL Server
  • VFP 8.0 works great with VS .NET
  • Commitment to VFP and community
  • VFP 8.0 8.0 is the emost stable version ever
  • MSDN Subscriptions for professionals
  • Be active in FoxPro communtiy
  • Talk about VFP 8.0!!!


West Wind Client Tools 4.35 release

West Wind Client Tools 4.35 release. West Wind Technologies has released an update to its client side Internet and tools product the West Wind Client Tools. The product includes all the Internet functionality of wwIPStuff (HTTP, SMTP/POP3, Sockets, FTP) as well as a light weight business object, SQL Server, Web data access, XML and a host of utility classes. This update fixes a few minor bugs and adds a few convenience properties that improves accessing the various objects. The documentation has also been updated for many of the over 20 classes and tools included in this toolkit. [FoxCentral.Net]

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