Microsoft Legal statement on the VFP EULA

A post on the GotDotNet web site, at

Visual FoxPro was designed and tested for use in creating
applications that run on the Microsoft Windows platform; the
same applies to the components that are provided to
developers for redistribution with Visual FoxPro-based
applications. If a developer wishes to distribute the Visual
FoxPro runtime with an application, the runtime may only
operate in conjunction with a Microsoft Windows platform. As
with any contract, you should seek your own legal counselâs
advice when interpreting your rights and obligations under
the Visual FoxPro End User License Agreement.

The URL has been posted at the Universal Thread with the following:

Ken Levy Posts VFP EULA Info April 26, 2003 11:26
From KenLevy: “I have been asked to post the following information on a few VFP community sites. I will not be commenting further on this issue. Thanks. Ken Levy, Visual FoxPro Product Manager, Microsoft”


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