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Cool XML Poster

Web Services Poster Boys
“This news is a bit old, but we just discovered it, so it’s news to us. The good people over at ZapThink have created this nifty poster of XML and Web services standards. It was distributed in a magazine a while back, but you can also download a PDF version.”

ZapThink via the CapeScience Blog.

Brian Livingston on RSS

Livingston sees Microsoft bringing the imprimatur of legitimacy to RSS in his monthly column. It’s a bit ironic to see Microsoft coming around at this point. It was originally a Netscape standard. It might have become more popular sooner if their air supply hadn’t been cut off.

Published at last!

After a two-year self-imposed hiatius, I’ve published an article in the FoxTalk technical journal, entitled “VFP Automates” Unfortunately, it wasn’t chosen as a free sample for the month, so you’ll need to subscribe to the magazine to read it. I’m looking forward to opportunities to dig in deeper to the object model and ship commercial solutions based on automation of the engine.

It’s an honor to be listed on FoxTalks “World’s Best Authors” pages.

A friend pointed out that’s it’s not just a two-year hiatus from published articles, it’s also the end of a ten-year stretch since my last FoxTalk article.

Ed Foster at

Ed Foster wrote many seminal columns in his Gripe Line column at InfoWorld over the past 11 years. Now, he’s off on his own, creating a new website/blog/web publication at One of his first columns is on the Visual (not Virtual, Ed, at least not yet!) FoxPro End User License controversies.

While he focuses on the primary problem of Visual FoxPro runtimes being tied to the Windows platforms, the other issues of restricting distribution to Microsoft’s new Installer technologies, and the slipstreamed requirements for upgraders to remove previous versions of the application (both summarized and linked here) are not discussed.

Visual FoxPro 8.0 featured in Application Development Trends magazine

The launch of VFP 8.0 prompted a story in Application Development Trends magazine, “Visual FoxPro 8.0: The venerable database tool gets a makeover.” I’m not sure if I agree with the “makeover” concept, as it wasn’t aging and crufty before, only continuing to improve. But I suppose that’s not as interesting a story. “Still kicking butt” might have been my preferred phrase. Ah, well, let’s not complain too much. Any PR is good PR, and the article is pretty well-done, factual and upbeat. From Application Development Trends magazine.

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