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A couple more links I want to go back and read in depth

Reconfiguring the office HP OfficeJet with the wicked-cool JetDirect ethernet print server. Initially we set it up as DHCP but now realize it needs a fixed IP address, otherwise no one can find it. So, had to dredge around in the Windows Registry and .ini files. Crashed and burned the program along the way, and it’s reboot time. Before they disappear off the radar screen, a couple quick links:

  • Syndication Made Simple – Presstime –
  • Essential System Administration – a Slashdot book review –
  • Trust by Design –

Microsoft antitrust compliance

BusinessWeek Blowout on Wi-Fi. BusinessWeek devotes huge section to Wi-Fi: BusinessWeek devoted a whole host of articles to the subject of Wi-Fi, most circling around hot spots and cellular. One of the most succinct and excellent comments on the relationship of 3G cellular to Wi-Fi was in an interview with Nicholas Negroponte: If you give me broadband…[2-5 Mbp+]…I cannot really use it without devoting my fullest attention (which means my hands and eyes, not just my ears)…many of the issues that face cell-phone operators aren’t present (like hand-off). The problem is different. There really is room to cohabitate. Exactly! Oddly, Andy Reinhardt’s commentary in the same section ignores that critical difference. Wi-Fi can provide a virtual desktop experience: you can act not too far off from being in your office. 3G, even in its best possible incarnation in the next zero to two years, will be a slow data interchange format for making quick email retrievals and spooling, or for queuing data through slow pull (i.e., grab my email over the next 30 minutes as I drive to my destination). Some other good remarks– A T-Mobile exec on how Wi-Fi and cell differs: With cell phones we had to give people devices to use it. Here [with Wi-Fi], people already have the devices. We just give them new areas where they can log on…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

Microsoft antitrust compliance

Microsoft details compliance progress in antitrust case. “The company said in a filing that it has established an antitrust compliance committee, appointed a compliance officer, provided antitrust training for officers and established a Web site for third-party complaints.” [Computerworld News]

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