A couple more links I want to go back and read in depth

Reconfiguring the office HP OfficeJet with the wicked-cool JetDirect ethernet print server. Initially we set it up as DHCP but now realize it needs a fixed IP address, otherwise no one can find it. So, had to dredge around in the Windows Registry and .ini files. Crashed and burned the program along the way, and it’s reboot time. Before they disappear off the radar screen, a couple quick links:

  • Syndication Made Simple – Presstime – http://www.naa.org/presstime/PTArtPage.cfm?AID=4924
  • Essential System Administration – a Slashdot book review – http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/04/14/1731218
  • Trust by Design – http://www.semanticstudios.com/publications/semantics/000011.php

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