The Clueless Newbie’s Linux Odyssey

Here’s a sad story, one sure to be used by Linux bashers for more material. The evil side will summarize this as “somewhat clued-in tech writer can’t get Linux to work on her machine.” The other side might view this as “somwhat clued-in tech writer tries

  1. Out-of-date distributions,
  2. On older hardware that was running 95
  3. Without asking for help from more clued-in Linux help
  4. Requiring a dual boot, difficult under most OSes.

There were a number of things she could have done differently, such as: search out a Linux User Group for some friendly free advice and perhaps an installfest, bought a new machine with Linux installed, or sought out a friend with more experience.

She probably would not have had a more pleasant experience trying to install Windows XP Home on the machine, either.

The Clueless Newbie’s Linux Odyssey from Slashdot

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