Catching up with Wine – the usual SlashDot double-post

From Catching up with Wine on Slashdot

Posted by CmdrTaco on Tuesday April 22, @09:08AM

from the now-isn’t-that-strange dept.

An anonymous reader writes “TransGaming’s announcement of the availability of WineX 3.0 got a lot of pixel dust, but that wasn’t the only recent news about WINE. The Microsoft monopoly also reached out to touch the project when Whil Hentzen, a leading proponent of Visual FoxPro (VFP) development on Linux, was contacted by an Microsoft manager and told it was a violation of the VFP EULA to run it on Linux.” I guess thats one way to stop emulation. update Oh well, its a dupe. Whatever, it gives people something to complain about I guess 😉

Go, Taco, Go!

It is a duplicate posting, but it does point to a new article on the subject from Joe Barr over at LinuxWorld.

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