FLOSSPro: the essential guide for Windows programmers learning Linux

FLOSSPro: Free/Libre Open Source Software for the Professional Developer

FLOSSPro is the name for a series of essays I’ll be developing, eventually leading to publication, either online or in dead-tree format or both. They are both an autobiographical journal of travels from there to here, and a set of tutorials and pointers to people following a similar path: starting in Windows, learning Linux and the associated technologies to generate web-based and rich-client applications using Open Source Software.

  1. Getting started with Linux: get a box and screw it up a couple of dozen times.
  2. Distributions: which to choose and why it doesn’t matter.
  3. LiveCDs, especially Knoppix
  4. Creating your first server: Samba
  5. Remote access: SSH
  6. Updating your server and monitoring logs
  7. Maintaining a server while learning as little as possible: WebMin
  8. Getting started with data: MySQL
  9. Publishing web pages with Apache
  10. Not So Stupid Shell Tricks: learning a little BASH.
  11. Save your changes (yes/no)? Using Subversion.
  12. Building a knowledgebase: wikis and forums

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