About Mission:Interoperable

Mission:Interoperable is the quest to get Microsoft-only shops to recognize that there are other solutions out there. I’ve been a big advocate of Microsoft solutions for years (former MVP, Certified Solution Developer and System Engineer, former Solution Partner, all that stuff). I wasn’t a crazed zealot – I have never turned down a client because they needed a solution to run on other software, too. Novell, WordPerfect and Oracle have all been parts of past solutions.

Now, the times have changed a little. Open Source software is a viable solution for many of the customers I work with. Databases are my primary concern, but file and print servers, firewalls, mail and web servers have to be part of the offering as well. And Open Source offers all of those. This blog is a journal of my experiments in the Open Source arena, and my attempts to bring Open Source into the solutions I provide for my customers.

So here’s a rough sketch of what I want to learn and be able to share with others:

Install and configure: RedHat 8.0 makes this too easy!
Select the services you want/need to install. Attractive ones for my audience are:

  • – Samba for file and print sharing
  • – CVS for version control
  • – MySQL for database work

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