Always Trust Microsoft?

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Last week I got a demo of the new Microsoft Office suite. Poor Jean Paoli [updated link], his hardware wouldn’t cooperate, and every dozen keystrokes it would freeze up. Even so, I got the gist of what it does. I told him in advance not to expect much from me. Been burned by Microsoft too many times. Don’t tell me it’s open, because I expect, fully, that you will break anything I build in the next corner-turn. Anyway, no matter what I said, however begrudgingly, I think people will like and use the XML capabilities of the new suite. However, as a professional, I gotta say, it’s not smart to do so. Microsoft’s track record is really bad. It would be like booking a seat on an airline known for never making its schedule. Interop is not a feature you can sell if you don’t honor past agreements. And Microsoft doesn’t. And it’s not the usual Evil Empire reasons. It’s just corporate arrogance, the kind that plagued Apple in the late 80s and early 90s. Yup, today SOAP means “works with Microsoft” and that makes it no more interesting than COM was.

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