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Red Squirrels

RedSquirrel.jpg - click for larger imageThey say the red sqirrels are nastier than the grey ones, and will actually attack the grey ones. So far, we haven’t see anything but cowardice out of this little guy – he vanishes the moment we appear.

SxSW Notes….

As I blogged early, sorry I missed this conference. Two items from David Weinberger’s notes that I’ll need to invvestigate a little further and consider integrating into an upcoming conference: SocialText is working on a wiki solution, and QuickTopic more of an instant bulletin-board setup for collaborative work on the net.

Staring at the sky

I spend a fair amount of time in the evening escorting the dogs around the yard. The view upwards is often more interesting than the opposite. Sky and Telescope magazine’s web site keeps me informed of what I’m seeing up there, helping me keep Aldebaron and Saturn straight. Tommorrow, Monday, I’m informed that “Mars reaches its most southerly declination of the year (ö23.6¡).” Check it out: you can enter your location and the “Sky at a Glance” link will tell you what there is to see.

Text Zooming in browsers

Sounds like everyone is having an interesting time at SXSW Saturday. David Weinberger: “I gave the opening presentation: “Why the Web Matters.” It was close as I’ve ever come to doing a straightforward “Small Pieces Loosely Joined” presentation. It was largely new material, which always makes me nervous. After all, if I have any capacity to learn from experience (discuss amongst yourselves), then the debut of new material will always be the worst presentation of it. I, of course, have no idea how it went. Now I’m in the Social Networks session. It’s up against stuff competition: Cory Doctorow on a panel about Doing Good Online, and the cyborg guy, Kevin Werbach….” more at [Joho the Blog]

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