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L.A. FoxPro Boot Camp

Los Angeles County Foxpro Boot Camp. 03/22/2003 VFP basics like you have never seen before! An all day Saturday Boot Camp NCR building — 100 N. Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo, CA Two Tracks:Visual FoxPro Basics for Windows Data! Data! Data! – Data Conversions, SQL Select tricks and much more. Posted, albeit really badly, at FoxCentral.Net

Now that all the hard problems are solved…

VFP Etch A Sketch. Dave Aring’s VFP Etch A Sketch combines the nostalgia of the classic childhood toy with the modern computer. Created using only Microsoft Visual FoxPro, the VFP Etch A Sketch demonstrates just a small portion of this powerful software development tool’s versatility. [FoxCentral.Net]

Urban Legends

In the past few days, I’ve had well-meaning friends and strangers forward on messages and postings from Andy Rooney, George Carlin and John Cleese. None of them were really from those authors. Check out before sending along such silly stuff.

Far more seriously, an associates spouse sent on a warning and instructions on how to remove a virus that had somehow infected his computer. It was also a hoax, but a destructive one, with bogus instructions that removed the Java debugging manager from the machine. Folks, if you get a warning telling you to do something to your machine that you don’t really understand, here’s what you should do: check it out. Search Google for it. Check out the virus sites (,, for it. Call a knowledgable friend. Don’t just blindly pass on instructions you don’t understand. If you got an anonymous call telling you to shake up a seltzer bottle and unload it into your fuse box, you probably wouldn’t blindly obey. THINK.

Radio News Aggregator Rocks!

I love the Radio News Aggregator as a way to collect the news of the day, but the only thing it doesn’t give me is more hours in the day. I’ve got 11 tabs open in Mozilla with articles I want to read, and by the time I’ve gotten around to finishing an article, and deciding if I want to blog it, it’s rolled off the end of the 100 articles in the aggregator. Not a big problem for Radio fans, you simply reset the number of articles here (Note: link only works if you run Radio). However, there are still too many articles for my brain to capture, even if my computer can. Here are a couple I missed blogging before they scrolled:

  • CNN discovers blogging:
  • Clay Shirky on Social Software:
  • Google and Branding by Mark Hurst:
  • Essay on the Mozilla site on browser innovation:
  • Massachusetts Department of Revenue considers Linux:
  • David Weinberger continues to blog the SxSW conference:

Whew! Drinking from a fire hose!

Postscript: And did I mention that Radio rocks? Having changed my settings from 100 to 300 articles, all of those articles above that had scrolled now appeared. No time delay waiting for the queue to fill up. What a well thought-out piece of software!

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