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Okay, I get it. This stuff’s not so hard. (Beginner’s luck, my pessimistic side thinks). has a well-documented WebServices interface. I tap that to get the most recent news, convert the XML returned into the XML required of RSS news aggregators, and post it to the web site. Here’s a sample, unedited:

Long Island, New York – VFP Boot Camp. Long Island, New York – VFP Boot Camp. Limited seating is available for our highly acclaimed VFP Boot Camp, March 18 – 20, 2003 on Long Island, New York. For more information, call 888-904-7900 or email [FoxCentral.Net]

Newbieism certified okay! But look out for the marketing trolls!

According to Steven Levy, Dr Pepper is going to use pseudo-weblogs to promote a new milk-type drink they’re coming out with. Doc Searls is quoted as saying it won’t work. I suppose it’s fair play, I borrowed their I’m A Pepper song for the title of an essay I ran saying it’s okay to be new at something. My song goes like this. “I’m a newbie, he’s a newbie, she’s a newbie, we’re all newbies, wouldn’t you like to be a newbie too?” [Scripting News]

A card’s a card, right? PCMCIA. Prism II, they”re all the same, right?

Struggled for a couple hours last night to get a Belkin f5d6020 wireless PCMCIA 802.11b card to work with Redhat 8.0, either with the wlan-ng drivers or the orioco-cs drivers. No joy. (Disclaimer: I am a clueless Linux newbie, but follow directions well and use Google a lot to RTFM). Belkin provides no support on their site for anything other than Win?? drivers. Hope they get a clue.

Finally swapped it out to one of the Windows machines and swapped in a LinkSys card I’d got working earlier.

How about was created by Rick Strahl based on an idea of Ken Levy’s, as a technical proof-of-concept of using Web Services in Visual FoxPro, and also to serve as a bulletin board for the FoxPro community.

Once I’ve gotten a little further along in RSS generation for the FoxForum Wiki, that’s the next place I’ll set my sights…

Dave Winer in 2001: To me Microsoft is a puzzle…

Dave Winer’s perspective on how things got to be the way they are. Two years ago today: “To this day they think the battle over Java was with Sun, when it was really with the developers. Microsoft says they love developers, they live for developers, and at some level I believe them. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I don’t think they have a clue how their actions cripple the developers.” [Scripting News]

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