Archive | March 13, 2003

FoxCentral RSS Code makes the first attempt at VFP 8

… and falls back to VFP7. It seems that the Web Service support in VFP is not only accessed differently, it also works differently than its VFP7 counterpart. Plan on re-coding your Web Service calls: ffc\\_webservices.vcx is no more, and the new VFP 8 IntelliSense script uses ffc\\_ws3client.vcx. The good news is that you can use TRY… CATCH, the bad news is that you’ll have to, while you iron out the bugs. While alpha tests on a development workstation worked fine, deploying to the production machine failed, presumably because of a dependency with new Web Service DLLs. Out of time for testing tonight; hope to get back to this over the weekend.

Ahhh! The sound of silence….

Part of the process of rearranging the home office is moving a mini-tower system out to the server room (aka cellar) so that there are no more noisy machines in the office. Here’s a machine I’ll gladly check out: Hush ushers in silent PC [CNET]

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