Archive | March 18, 2003

Blogging Anniversary

Happy anniversary to my blog. I started a year ago today. I’ve only used Radio since January 1st, but the older blogs have been scraped off that web site and are archived here in month-to-month format, as the “Twiki Blog Archives 2002” link over to the right.

I’ve enjoyed this outlet for my writing, although I hope to start doing some more in-depth essays. On to Year Two!

Children of Dune, on the SciFi channel

Dune LogoBlogging is a bit light this week, with some work keeping me busy, and my evenings absorbed with the SciFi Channel’s “Children of Dune” mini-series. I really indulged my geek self this weekend and sat and watched the entire 3-part, six-hour original on Sunday, and I’ve caught the two hour episodes each night. It wraps up tonight.

Frank Herbert’s “Dune” is one of the finest pieces of science fiction written, with complex ecological, scientific, political, religious and philosophical threads running through it. It is one of my favorite science fiction novels. The follow-on books were never as bright and sharp and innovative as the original, but the entire bunch were well worth reading. It’s a good adventure plot, too. Cute chicks and lots of explosions, too. Fun for the whole family.

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