Archive | March 8, 2003

Text Zooming in browsers

Another feature of Mozila I use a *lot* is the text-zooming using Ctrl+ and Ctrl-. Anytime the fonts come up too small in a page (or the hour starts to get late and the old eyes just can’t keep up any more), a simple Ctrl+ and the font is bigger and far easier to read. Since I’m on a 15″ 1600×1200 ThinkPad running Windows XP and ClearType, small type can be *really* small. The quick shortcut to zoomed fonts is greatly appreciated.

David Hyatt on tabbed browsing

Since switching to Mozilla, I have become a fan(atic) of tabbed browsing. I had been enjoying the MDI interface of Opera, too, for the speed and variety, adn still think that has the advantage of actually being able to look at more than one windows at a time. In this blog entry, David Hyatt, who coded the tabbed interface for Mozilla and two other browsers, discusses some of the interface design decisions that had to be made.

Who can be opposed to a BALANCE act?

Lofgren Introduces BALANCE Act to Modify DMCA [Slashdot]

Infonaut writes “Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D – CA) introduced H.R. 1066, The Balance Act. It seeks to clarify ‘that America’s historic principles of fair use – protected under Section 107 of the Copyright Act – apply to analog and digital transmissions.’ Apparently Lessig is on board, as are several associations and other organizations. If you like what you see, encourage your representative to support the bill.”

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