Archive | March 28, 2003

NPR postings on Blogs

Dave Winer had mentioned an interview on NPR for blogging. I couldn’t find that one on-line yet, but I did find these two on the NPR web site:

  • Omar Wasow interviewed by Alison Keys on the Tavis Smiley Show, 13-Feb-2003, and
  • Linguist Geoff Nunberg explains the phemomenon of blogs: personal websites that function as public diaries on Terri Gross’s awesome Fresh Air, 10-Dec-2001

And, of course, NPR points to the requisite Iraq blogs.

It looks like Chris Lydon had a blogging show on WBUR’s The Connection on May 5, 2000.

FoxPro-generated RSS feeds improved

Big salute to Andrew Coates of Civil Solutions, Australia, for taking my hacked-together code to generate XML-formated date-time strings from FoxPro for RSS feeds, and he turned the code into a nice, clean, timezone-aware snippet. Both of the feeds I am generating, and FoxForum wiki (available for syndication at now use his technique for cleaner datetime information. Still in beta, still needs more work in the parsing and error-handling sections, but coming along well. (from FoxForum Wiki

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