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VFP runs on Linux

VFP 7 on Linux screenshot - 320 KbPaul McNett has been leading the charge to get VFP working on Linux. Here’s his website, and here’s an article he recently published in FoxTalk. There are still some limitations, like the locking issues in the last post, but there are work-arounds to those, too (using client-server data rather than local files), but the Wine project is still in alpha and the progress is exciting.

Click the little picture on the right for a large (1600×1200, 320kb) screen shot of VFP running on the Linux desktop.

Wine Update

Looks like we may have celebrated a bit too soon. The Wine project, an environment (not a slow emulator!) that lets Win32 programs run on non-Windows OSes (Linux, primarily), announced support for file locking that *should have* meant that Visual FoxPro, Access, Delphi, Office, and many other applications that depend on file locking would have another chunk of functionality working. Unfortunately, the problem is fixed but not fixed, and I’m still trying to sort out the details. It seems that Wine is doing it’s part – two VFP applications running on the same Wine session will respect each other’s file locks, but Samba, the SMB/CIFS emulator that lets Linux present network shares in Windows Neighborhood, does not support those locks over the network. Locking does seem to work on NFS shares. More as I figure it out…

TV Networks Puzzled by Low War Ratings

American TV Networks Puzzled by Low War Ratings. Reuters: TV’s War News Coverage Outdrawn by Comedy Repeats. With networks wondering just how deep the American appetite for war… link from Dan Gillmor’s eJournal. A rerun of “Friends” outdrew the war coverage. I think the problem was simple enough: there was no news to report.

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