Oh, no, more snow!

Oh No, SNOW!.

Oh No, SNOW!

Doesn’t seem possible — yikes! Ugh! Please, say it ain’t so! We’re in the middle of a big storm again. Oh no, no more snow! From Halley’s Comment

Wasn’t Halley skiing only a few weeks ago, in twenty below weather? It’s two weeks until the astonomical end of winter, and usually a few more until New England can really claim to be in Spring. I was just talking with a fellow Contoocooker (Contoocookian?) and she was complaining that winter has been so looooong. It’s been cold, and the snow’s been a bit more than usual, but I can’t wait to see what comes next. To paraphrase Twain, if you aren’t griping about the weather, just wait a minute. Much as I gripe, too, living in someplace where the weather hardly ever changes would be pretty dull.

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