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I’ve mentioned before I love the tabbed browsing feature in Mozilla. I often skim a hundred article extracts in my News Aggregator, rigt-mouse-click and “Open in New Tab” all of those of interest. As a few seconds allows during the day, I peruse those articles, and right-mouse-click and create new tabs in turn, closing old or irrelevant ones along the way. At this point, I have eleven tabs opened.

The problem comes with the close box. That dratted little “X” in the upper right corner will irrevocably, irretrievably close everything. I usually just mean to close a tab, or minimize the window. But, no, *whoosh* and it’s all gone. Solutions I’d welcome:

  • An “Are you sure (Y/N)?” messagebox. Normally, I detest these, but I’d welcome the option in this case.
  • An option to restore all tabs when I next start Mozilla. In this version (1.3b), it can open the one last site opened, but not the contents of all the tabs
  • Disabling the close button altogether, forcing me to select File|Close or Alt-F4 to close the main window

I regularly lose my work through my own clumsiness. It sure would be nice to have the computer help me help myself.

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